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I love Nature.

I find that there is healing in the Earth.

A few years back our family went through something very traumatic (and personal) and that’s where I found myself then turning deeper into a hobby that brought enjoyment to now bringing healing, a salubrious retreat and a greater benefit to my family…gardening.

I love Gardening.

At first, it was small. Plants. We had one side of our house that was a mess. Lots of run off into our yard when it rained, so there was tons of mud and grass was hard to grow because of a tree there. Courtesy of an Oklahoma storm, the tree left, and the opportunity began for me to start to plant, plant, plant! I leveled, built it up, my husband build a deck and we planted all around…and the “Peace Deck” as the kids affectionately call it, was born. A retreat from the chaos of the world. A corner of peace.

Then we got hungry.

So we began a veggie garden. We built raised beds. It started small but over the years it has grown and fluctuated. We have tried new things, some things did not work, kept some of the same things year after year. There has been battles with squirrels, moles, rabbits, and birds. All the fun stuff. Our dog LOVES to help in the garden. In a good way. His reward is the cherry tomatoes. Weird. I know. He loves when I toss him one.

Over the years we have planted so many things from landscaping to food. We have been bee friendly, organic and many times able to bless family and friends with the extra. That’s exciting.

There is something fun about running out to the garden or yard to get what you need for lunch or dinner. Food or herbs. It’s exciting involving your kids too. I wish it were bigger. We live in the suburbs with an HOA. But it is something. It’s healthier and it’s a better.

The Earth offers such healing properties.

Whether it’s through the general experience and opportunities we feel in nature (going for a walk, hike, beach or park…just get outside and play!), perhaps through Earthing or Grounding (this is a therapeutic technique that focuses on realigning your electrical energy by reconnecting to the earth), through food and plants-with nutrition and wellness, herbs, vitamins and oils, with the beautiful balance and connection between nature and humans (hello, I’m a bee lover) …and the list goes on.

Nature. I’m a fan.

The simplicity.

The colors.

The rhythms and powerful aspects of Earth.

From the smallest creature to the movements of storms.

Touch it.

Feel it.

Breathe it.



Let it reset us from all the concrete and technology stress that pounds at us.

When we come Down to the Ground, we can find it can be quite restorative to one’s overall well being.

That’s what I what to express in my designs. In colors, texture, expression, movement, and functionality.

I want my products to reflect this.

Whatever season of life you may find yourself in, I want to design something for you. I hope it will bring you a sense of admiration, serenity, with a little bit of whimsical.

Our earring collection has an ethereal quality that I am sure you will love.

Our accessories and home decor are functional and offer wellness support when paired with essential oils (sold separately).

Down to the Ground.

Nature Inspired.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us. I will be more than happy to help you out.

Best Wishes and Warm Regards,


Down to the Ground Living

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